It is true of children and trees that if you train them up in the right way when they are young, they will not depart from it when they are old. Large-maturing trees give incredible value where they are planted and trained properly, or unbelievable grief and expense where this early attention is neglected.

Many if not most dangerous, expensive problems in large trees could have been prevented at planting. For a relatively small initial cost, an arborist can help you choose the best species for your site, saving thousands in pruning and disease control. He will evaluate the soil and water conditions of the site and amend as needed, saving the cost of replacing the tree before it matures.

He’ll also help choose the best available individual plant for your site, because no two trees are exactly alike, even in a long nursery row of apparent clones. He’ll also look at the individual’s branch and root structure and properly orient the new tree at your site, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in clearance pruning in the future. Finally he’ll begin the process of setting up a strong future canopy with early structural pruning, which can save lives.