Roots & Soil

While pruning is a great tool and has an immediate impact on the way trees look and grow, it is often prescribed too soon and too often. If your tree looks weak, damaged, dead, or weird, there is a good chance that the primary cause of the visible problem emanates from the mostly invisible root system. In fact before we can address how your tree looks today, we may have to take a close look at the root system and lay a foundation to ensure that it will continue growing and looking good well into the future.

We bring several methods to improve soil structure and restore root function from the simple (raking leaves, removing turf) to the complex (root pruning, vertical mulching, deep root fertilization, soil amendments).  We generally discourage chemical fertilizers and ourselves use fully organic products with slow-release properties, lest we force unwanted heavy growth, wasting your tree’s stored energy reserves, and exposing it to new problems which are harder to remedy.