How much does it cost to remove a tree?

As you can understand, the cost of removing a tree has a lot to do with its size and location. We’ll first explore any alternatives to removal, then provide a written estimate based on the amount of time we expect the job to take. Our company is focused on promoting the benefits of trees and building up a healthy urban forest. While we have all the necessary skills and equipment to remove trees, we might refer you to another trusted local company which is more oriented towards that type of service, especially if there is good access for large equipment.

My tree is dying. I gave it tons of water but it didn’t help. What am I doing wrong?

Too much water has about the same impact on trees as not enough water. If there is standing water on the surface of the ground under your tree, you are adding the water too quickly, or there is poor drainage for some underground reason. We will recommend the correct irrigation rates for your plant and see if better drainage can be achieved by aeration or other means. Of course there are several reasons why your tree could look like it was dying which have nothing to do with water. We’ll recommend a site visit to determine the cause and prescribe remediation as needed.

Why is topping bad?

Topping trees is bad because it introduces decay and stimulates the growth of weakly attached tops, making them less healthy and more dangerous. More often than not, topping usually creates an effect that is the opposite of the owner's intentions.

How do you know what to cut?

The decisions we make about what to cut when pruning a tree are based on several factors:

  •  The specific purpose/reason/goal to be achieved.
  •  The particular environment or situation that the tree is in.
  •  The species of the tree.
  •  A detailed knowledge of tree biology and physiology.
  •  An understanding of how the tree will react to each possible cut.

How much does it cost to have you come look at my tree?

Our hourly rate for consultation is $75 per hour. Labor rates for doing tree work depend on the parameters of the contract, but are clearly stated on estimates, which are free.

Do you do arborvitae?

Yes! Arborvitae are a very practical and common boundary between properties in our community, and we help keep them intact with trimming, pruning, or improving their health however we can.

Do you do roses? What else do you do?

Roses are not trees, of course, but we do seasonal rose pruning for many clients. Other related services include general yard cleanup, fruit production pruning, gutter cleaning, installing swings, pruning for satellite reception, vista pruning, and general bobcat services.

Do you have insurance?

Our insurance and bond information is on file with Conover Insurance

My tree is way too big. How much does it cost to make it shorter?

In some cases we may shorten some of the longest leaders of a large tree as part of a plan to restructure and rejuvenate its canopy, but any size reduction would be incidental to our pruning objective and temporary. As a general rule, large trees cannot be made significantly smaller without making them also more dangerous and more expensive to maintain. If your tree’s height is unacceptable, you probably should consider replacing it with a shorter species.

My neighbor’s tree offends me by [insert problem].  Can you make him [insert remedy]?

No. Go talk to your neighbor about it and call back when you have an agreement.