We love trees!

Inland Arbor is a tree care company providing arborist services to Yakima, Ellensburg and greater Central Washington. We are committed to following internationally recognized tree care standards, and therefore maintain certification with the International Society of Arboriculture. Our experience in the Pacific Northwest dates back to 1999 in Portland, Oregon, and we have been working in Yakima's desert climate since 2003, preserving and enhancing the unique, irreplaceable value which owners have in their mature landscape trees and shrubs.

Nearly all correct tree maintenance services can be done without the use of heavy equipment using safe climbing and rigging techniques which enable us to work in confined residential areas.

Our techniques never involve topping or gouging into the trees' living cambium cells with climbing spurs, which conscientious arborists use for tree removal only.

As an experienced, certified arborist I can:

  • prune mature trees of any size for best health and appearance
  • initial structural pruning for 2 to 3 year old plantings
  • create a tree inventory
  • make cultural recommendations and prioritize maintenance needs
  • install dynamic cable support systems for aging or dangerous trees
  • remove unhealthy or unwanted trees

Ornamental work is done by hand, with a careful eye for each plant's natural habit and best contribution to the landscape.